Reptiles and Amphibians

female painted turtle

hog-nosed snake and grass snake

ho-hum, I'm so bored (common toad)

Everybody has a lily pad except me!

painted turtles, summer pond residents

pickerel frog - taken through water in my smaller pond, and therefore not sharp (you can see its protective eyelid)

"No toad is an island." Toads begin life in water, then become terrestrial until ready to mate. They then return to an aquatic setting, breed, lay their eggs and hop back to drier land.  Note partially inflated throat sac. This male has been calling for a companion.

I'm assuming that my partly-submerged subject is a female bloated with eggs. I've never seen anything like this!

the quintessential Kermit - three small frogs on lily pads

pond tag - I have a very large earth-bottom pond, with up to a dozen turtles at the height of summer

What the heck, it beats bagpipes! A male toad gives his mating call.