raptor pellet, probably from a barred owl


Meet some of our birds of prey as you scroll down through the photos on this page. I find the various raptor species to be particularly intriguing and beautiful. Most of these shots were taken at Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, where such birds are often brought for rehabilitation. I have noted those photographed at other locations.

great horned owl

red-tailed hawk

peregrine falcon

bald eagle

great horned owl - our largest owl species

bald eagle

eagle in flight over Lake Annis

red-tailed hawk, head study using art filters

barred owl - very common in southwest NS

young osprey - Pleasant Valley, Yarmouth County - our provincial bird

A young osprey checks out my pond, August 2009

Juvenile birds visit my koi pond each August, but predator lines keep them from diving.

Young osprey are sometimes mistaken for bald eagles; however, the osprey's beak and talons are slate grey whereas the eagle's are yellow. As well, bald eagles are solid brown except for their tails and (in adult birds) their pure white heads. An osprey has a dark brown line extending through the eye area, and barred cream and brown feathers with a typical hawk's tail pattern. Older osprey are lighter in colour. And of course, an adult eagle is a much larger bird than an osprey although both are wonderful to behold in flight.