two orb spiders on tinfoil attached
to a predator line across the pond

More Spiders

These small creatures have been photographed primarily on my property in Yarmouth County, where there is a variety of habitat for them. I find identification very difficult and won't try to present myself as an expert in this area. If anyone can help me out, please don't hesitate to email me or post a note in my guestbook. I'll just provide my photos, include my best guesses as to identification if possible, and hope that eventually the spiders will be given their correct names!

a small hunter on a rose; I believe it is a spiny yellow spider  (araneus) related to the shamrock spider

argiope - one of the loveliest of all garden spiders (male at centre)

banded argiope (female - argiope trifasciata)

female black and yellow argiope (argiope aurantia)

Argiopes preparing to mate - the tiny male has presumably proven more attractive than his possible predecessor, who is now in storage. This other spider might also have been the mate's gift to his chosen female, rather than a rejected suitor.


A female argiope wraps a bundle of food for future use by her young, which she will never live to see.

brown harvestman (phalangium opilio) - these spiders eat many agricultural pests and should never be harmed. They are often called the brown daddy longlegs.

common garden spiders (orb weavers)

shamrock spider, an orb weaver (araneus trifoilum)

six-spotted fishing spider (dolomedes triton) on waterlily pad

a new crop of minute orb weavers is released into the grass

a large jumping spider, spotted in Yarmouth town, NS

a cross spider dreaming in her blue-spruce world