cypripedium acaule alba - uncommon white form

Native Wildflowers of Spring through Early Summer

Most will be familiar to viewers. These are species that thrive in many parts of Nova Scotia. They are all native to southwestern counties unless otherwise noted. I have included only a few of the thousands of native plants in our province - those that I happened to see when I had my camera handy.

  dandelion species, spring bluets (veronica), and marsh marigold - May & June (dandelions also later)

   common speedwell, wild garlic, grass-of-Parnassus

  yarrow, blue-eyed grass and daisy - late June; yarrow has a longer blooming period than the others 


cypripedium acaule - the familiar June lady's slipper of acidic deciduous woodlands

cypripedium reginae (showy lady's slipper) and cypripedium parviflorum (yellow lady's slipper); both of these species dislike acid soil and can be found in central Nova Scotia, especially Hants County, where gypsum and limestone are present 

three tiny June flowers that yield berries - partrige berry, lowbush blueberry and twinflower

rhodora - a wild rhododendron common in NS, especially near water and in marshy areas (May)


painted trillium (trillium undulatum), a native of shady deciduous forests 

starflowers - May, shady woodlands (trientalis borealis)

a single violet is flanked by marsh marigolds; these are early-May arrivals, found most often in wetland areas, but I chose to put them on this page rather than with the aquatic plants where they would also fit

June favourites - wild strawberry, wild lily-of-the-valley, red clover

  a clover meadow, and a seaside display of wild iris and angelica

May colours beside the Annis River