hummingbird clearwing moth

Butterflies and Moths

Most of these shots were taken in my gardens. I've planted many species of flowers to attract these winged marvels. I can't always identify species and, as always, would appreciate any and all help with this. As with all my pages, I will keep adding to the galleries as I take or upload more photos.

American copper butterfly, painted lady, fritillary

an eyespot butterfly and bee friend

painted lady, fritillary, Virginia ctenuchid moth

Eastern tiger swallowtail

pearl crescent

white admiral

monarch (I'm not satisfied with the sharpness of this shot but it's all I have for the present)

light through gossamer wings

red admiral  (many butterflies are attracted to my stachys flowers)

I think this is another pearl crescent

hummingbird clearwing moth and chives blossom - I recommend planting chives both to use in cooking, and to draw a varied insect population

hummingbird clearwing moth - these have arrived quite recently in our area; they are about an inch long, and their flight resembles that of a hummingbird. They appear to be quite comfortable around people.

wing structure

two tiny moths and a skipper (black dash?)

Virginia ctenuchid moth

spangled fritillary

orange flame azalea appeals to this swallowtail

sphinx moth caterpillar, seen in July 2008 - aka tomato hornworm

mourning cloak caterpillars on variegated ornamental willow, stripping it of foliage