busy hoarder preparing for winter

The waning year brings many changes - shortened hours of daylight, exodus of migratory species and reappearance of winter residents from their summer homes further to the north. Foliage flames and then fades away as deer and bird hunters take to the woods and fields. It is an evening time, the last indrawn breath before the coming of sleep.  

sunset off Tittle Road on Surette's Island

Deer visit rural back yards before they retreat to the safety of the deep woods where guns are less likely to find them. This doe shows the effects of summer's abundance. The Nova Scotia deer herd is in excellent shape this year (2010) - photo taken in Eel Brook, municipality of Argyle




Monarch butterflies appear in late September through October, and seem drawn to particular species of flowers as they prepare for their long migration. The wild asters along the roadside near my house attracted several of these lovely creatures, for the space of a single bright afternoon.







A Canada jay - aka whiskey jack or grey jay - returns to its preferred cold-weather habitat near human dwellings where food is sure to be offered.







Cedar waxwings (and their Bohemian cousins) take advantage of ripe chokecherries in the last warm days of September.








Berries such as wild cherry and viburnum provide autumn forage for many species of birds and small mammals.








Foliage varies from the reddish hues of the maples to the bright yellows of the beeches.







In Nova Scotia, we're fortunate to have numerous rivers, lakes and coastal areas where autumn colours can be enjoyed with the addition of water. (left - Tusket Falls, NS; right - Eel Brook, NS)







Maples and oaks are often mixed in the deciduous stands that border many lakes in southwestern NS.







Vast flocks of starlings congregate on wires along many country roads ...







... or wheel and turn in perfect unison, like aerial dancers.

... autumn in the Annapolis Valley near Bridgetown, 2016

... Valley View Park, 2016 (Bridgetown area)

... Raynardton, Yarmouth County, 2016 ...

... Tusket Falls area, taken at my home in 2016 ...

Raynardton, 2016 ...


... Raynardton, 2016 - Woods' Farm 

... Raynardton, 2016 ...


... Gilbert's Cove, Digby County, 2016 ...