Aquatic Plants

As a water gardener, I've planted many different species in and around my ponds. I also live beside a river where native aquatic plants are abundant, and my area is blessed with numerous lakes - not to mention the seacoast with its unique habitat. I enjoy studying the various floral species that thrive in these locations, whether in the water or very near it. The following shots feature plants that appreciate wet environments. Some are wild species while others have been selectively bred and cultivated.

iris ensata (Japanese iris) grows well at the margins of ponds - July 2009

Attraction water lily, a large-spreading variety

pickerel weed, iris pseudacorus, sagittaria - all enjoy life in shallow water at the pond's edges

iris versicolour ("blue flag"), bullhead lily, lizard's tail

pitcher plant flowers in my bog garden

iris ensata or Japanese iris - these species appreciate moisture and bloom well in very shallow water at the pond's edge

aquatic mint, viburnum, cardinal flower

nymphaea odorata, the common wild pond lily - very sweetly scented

Nymphaea Attraction - if I could recommend only one water lily for all-around visual appeal and hardy, vigorous growth, it would be this one.