cormorant fishing at Scots Bay

Aquatic, Wetland and Shore Birds

black-bellied plover in winter plumage

dunlin at Cook's Beach, Yarmouth County

marbled godwit (an occasional migrant to our region) with black-bellied plover

greater yellowlegs (the light was glaring on the rock that afternoon and I'm not happy with this shot, but it will have to do until I can get another one)

ring-necked plover (also called little ringed plover) near Pinkney's Point at Cook's Beach

plover and friend (least sandpiper) - nicely camouflaged!

heading toward the water

handsome sandhill crane, which appears to be expanding its range and is being seen
more and more often around wetland areas in NS (Shubenacadie Park)

a delightfully-marked puffin near Green Island in the Tusket chain

four puffins take it easy on the tranquil waters off Green Island

black guillemot with its meal (photo taken from quite a distance away)

juvenile double-crested cormorant (fresh-water pond)

A passing gull spots the splashing of a loon and pauses to investigate.

After submerging the loon, the thief makes off with his prize - a large eel.

If loons spoke English, this one would be delivering a string of curses as it watches its catch fly away!

a common loon glides peacefully on a lake in Yarmouth County

three mallard drakes "batching it" on the Annis River during mid-spring

great blue heron in Gardners' Mill

pelagic birds - great northern gannet, cormorants, male eider duck

Canada geese

wood ducks - two males, one female

juvenile osprey, our provincial bird - also called a fish hawk

mallard, herring gull, female merganser

Canada Goose flanked by mallards; in the photo at right, the birds are mating in the river

Canada goose gosling at left; mallard duckling at right

spectacular plumage of the male wood duck, Annis River

juvenile herring gull, Port Maitland, NS

barnacle goose, an occasional visitor from more northern regions (Shubenacdie Park)

mallard duckling

cormorant in the rapids below Tusket Falls dam, Raynardton

American Wigeon - an uncommon winter resident in NS

Greater scaup, Yarmouth Harbour (February, 2011)

Lesser Scaup (females) - Yarmouth Harbour, February 2011

Common Merganser (males) on the Tusket River - February 2011

Red-breasted Merganser (male) - Yarmouth Harbour (January, 2011)

Three Buffleheads (male in the middle) - Yarmouth Harbour (January, 2011)

Hooded Merganser (male) - Yarmouth Harbour, January 2011

Female common merganser eating a white sucker - Tusket River, January 2011 (shot taken from some distance away)